model Stormbringer
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of the project conception

Our mission
To develop the electric quadcopter platform and several variations of quadcopter applications for different purposes:
  • wheelchair disabled passengers
  • cargo transportation
  • injured people evacuation in the overcrowded cities or from hard-to-reach area
We combine the technologies of automotive industry and aircraft one to build-up air car with universal platform solution.
"Zetta engineering"
is a technological company that believes in electrical charge of a transportation. We create a universal transport system for Society 5.0.
Technical information
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Main Players

Our leaders
Denis Schurovsky
General constructor
Denis is a main idiolog of the project
Arkadiy Dalevich
Managing Partner
Arkadiy is a main developer of the project.
He has graduated the Moscow Aviation Institute (Research University) with specialist engineer in applied mathematics and artificial intellect systems.
Alexander Mikhailov
Production director of the project
Alexander responds for arranging of a production processes
Nikolay Dalevich
Managing partner
Nikolay is maintainig a development of the project (economics and management).
He has graduated the Moscow Aviation Institute (Research University) with speciality engeneer in economics and management of aviation production company.
Vladimir Goncharenko
Scince consultant of the project
Mr. Goncharenko represents a governance of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Research University)
Valdemar Vagner
Engineering advisor of the project
DE Master title Electrical Engineering.
Development of electric drive system, control system, electronics, electrical supply and general layout of electric vehicles.
Alexander Dalevich
Technical manager of the project
Alexander is a specialist of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Research University) that responds for a design direction
Igor Opalev
Advisor of the project
Mr. Opalev is an independent venture investor

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